PaisleyMagic, an idea that I had been nurturing since I graduated from FIT (NYC). It evolved into an online store around winter of 2009. Over the years I have been heavily inspired by my rich Indian heritage and the level of craftsman ship that has barely changed over last few centuries. PaisleyMagic is my humble attempt to bring forth the beautiful symphony of vibrant colors, patterns, prints from my home country-India. Here’s a brief insight into the my work.

PaisleyMagic currently creates one of a kind handmade totes, children’s clothing, unique handmade quilts and an array of children's lifestyle product.

The children’s clothing line was inspired by the birth of my beloved niece turned model - Izzah. The entire line has playful aspects like little pull-on frilly underpants to match the dresses reminiscent of the fashion for children back in the 20s or quirky animal prints that started as original watercolor artworks. I strive for all my products to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. The experience of working for brands like Ralph Lauren helps me reinforce the level of sophistication that I incorporate within all my products.